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BITA MUSIC Company has been providing facilities, technical maintenance and performing arts equipment for concerts and various shows for overfifteen years. We have helped many of business projectsto reach and exceed their goals through our participating inlarge-scale events; this is the reason owing to which BITA MUSIC hasgrown to the company it is today.

Due to the modern high quality sound-and-light equipment multiplied by the experts' experience, BITA MUSIC has been involved in prestigious projects such as President Bill Clintons Proclamation in Kyiv in 1995, the First Perfomance of Hulio Iglesias in Kyiv Sport Palace in 1996, President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchmas Inauguration in 1996, the Nursultan Nazarbaevs Election Campaign in the band NAH-NAH Project city of Astana Kazakhstan in 1997, The Millennium Bridge Performance in 2000-2001, The Days of Europe Celebration in Ukraine in 2004-2007, The Metallurgist Day Celebration in Donetsk, the President of Ukraine Victor Yuschenkos Election Campaign and Inauguration in 2004-2005.

Under the BITA MUSIC technical support the performance of Christ Preacher Benny Hinn succeded in Kyiv, Moscow, Riga, Berlin, Paris, Helsinki, Barcelona as well as tours and shows of lots of world-famous, Russian and Ukrainian top stars such as Sting, Chris Norman, Latoya Jackson, Patricia Kaas, Samanta Fox, Robert Plant, bands Nazareth , Scorpions, Smokie, Cardigans, A-Ha, E-Type, Alla Pugachova, Philip Kirkorov, Sofia Rotaru, Valery Leontyev, Larisa Dolina, Irina Allegrova, Alexander Malinin, Valery Meladze, band Viagra, Taisiya Povaliy, Ruslana (the all-Ukrainian tour The Wild Dances ), Irina Bilyk, (the tour Tak Prosto), the band DDT, Ocean Elzi, Katia Buzhynska, Any Lorak and many other singers, - this is by no means the full list of stars, who has been collaborating with us for a long time and never been disappointed in collaboration.

BITA MUSICs Concert Department has wealth of experience in show business, works on a concept of the City Day Celebration, regional celebrations, shows and music events, etc. with participation of a variety of Ukrainian performers and foreign star performers, groups and bands.

BITA MUSIC provides performers upon request, from the top-stars to the young performers and bands in order to hold a wide spectrum of different concerts function, folk festivals, home shows and corporate meetings of every sort and kind. Our team of experts works with Ukrainian, Russian and foreign music stars.

BITA MUSICs Transport Department will arrange transportation within Ukraine and to Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Germany, Spain and France. The Reuse Package Production Department (reusable pack manufactured for the performing arts equipment, theatre and circus facilities, industrial equipment) provides safety storage and transportation of our customers inventory.

All BITA MUSIC activities are directed to rendering high-quality services to our partners and customers, working on their image and prestige promotion and this is the reason of our leadership inthe field of show technologies and our recognition within Ukraine and overseas.

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